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TitleMaterials Library
DescriptionA collection of material samples.

Taxonomy/themes associated with the collection – composition, form, properties, processes.

Located at UCA Farnham.

AdminHistoryThe UCA Materials Library was introduced as a teaching resource in 2016.

The collection was purchased through a year’s subscription to Material Connexion:
The subscription ceased in 2017.

A collection of material samples reflecting innovative material design and processes,
a collection originally created to facilitate research in the design and manufacturing industries.

It was developed as a resource to enhance students’ engagement with the material form.

A sensory exploration to understand the physical and chemical properties in the execution of design. The material samples emphasis material
composition and functional traits, encouraging users to rethink conventional applications and promote material experimentation in design and
creative practice. Used to explore the creative potential of materiality to provide a recourse which promotes the unity of theory and practice.

The Materials Library has been developed according to faculty and student research agendas and has been focused for use in the following
research areas: textiles, creative writing, illustration, graphics, interior design, industrial design, product design,
textiles and architecture.

It is housed in the Farnham Library's Special Collections for access initially please contact Farnham Gateway Services.
The collection has started to be catalogued with images of materials being uploaded to Resourse Bank

Telephone: +44 (0)1252 892 709
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