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TitleStereotype and Stigma
DescriptionMorning and afternoon sessions of a conference for Stereotype and Stigma, linked to the exhibition invite. Stereotype and Stigma was held in London, and looked at stereotyping in Photography, with themes in race, disability, sexuality, homosexuality, lesbianism, AIDS, and censorship. The Kent Institute of Art and Design was involved in the creation of the conference.

Speakers in the morning session were Elizabeth Cowie ( Film Studies), looking at documentary photography, realism, disability, migration, race, black women, beauty, absence of mothers, and sexuality. She looks at the work of Dorothea Lange, with 'Texas farmer to migratory worker in kern Country', and 'Migrant Mother', and Mary Vaux Walcott

Steve Mace (or Maze) (who stated in the video worked with photographers with the Independent, Telegraph) looked at theme of censorship when pictures get chosen, and what gets excluded, both in the media and elswhere. He explores the idea of Britain being a censored country with legislation such as the Obscene Publications Act, and copyright. Areas he explores in pictures include the Hillsborough Disaster 1989, (at the Liverpool and Nottingham Forrest match at the Hillsborough Stadium, where overcrowding led to 96 deaths), disability and disabled access, safe sex, homosexuality, war, imperalism.

Lilly (or Lucy) Young was at West Polytechnic, a lecturer in Film Studies, focused in on her research the representation of race in media, and how sexuality of black women was portrayed in the media, how do representations of black women connect with history (e.g. slavery). This talk looks at Whoopi Goldberg, and the Film The Telephone, made in 1988

Afternoon session: Andy(?) Donnelly, Cultural Gender Studies, Sussex University. Talk looks at representing masculinity in the media, including men's magazines GQ, For Him, Esquire. It looks at the idea of the hetrosexual male as a specific social dominant group. It looks at the idea of the gay man not being in a dominant group, but the idea that they could pretend. It look at British men and English men, male fashion, LGBT fashion, skin products, and phallic imagery in magazines.

Tessa Boffin looks at lesbian photography, sexual politics, lesbian women and gay men as a social group, queer activism of London movement, Outrage
DS/UK/18Boffin; Tessa (1960-1993); Photographer1960-1993
DS/UK/3Kent Institute of Art and Design; 1987-20051987-2005
DS/UK/78Cowie; Elizabeth; Professor in Film Studies
DS/UK/79Lange; Dorothea (1895-1965); Documentary Photographer and Photojournalist1895-1965
DS/UK/80Vaux Walcott (1860-1940); Mary; Artist and Photographer1860-1940
DS/UK/81Goldberg; Whoopi (1955-); Actress1955-
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