How do I search the catalogue?

Simple search
The easiest way to search the catalogue is to enter something into the 'Find a record' search box on the home page. This quick search form only searches a limited number of fields: document reference number, title, and description.

Some popular search terms have been pre-populated and can be selected from the list shown beneath the search box.

Advanced search
The advanced search enables you to perform “Any text Field” searches, and to search specifically on certain fields. Clicking the “Refine Search Criteria” option offers you three ways to refine the search option:

  • With all the words.
  • With at least one of the words.
  • Without the words.

  • Search results
    The search results will be displayed as the reference number, title, and date for each record.
    To find out more information about each individual record click anywhere in the entry. Clicking on the reference number RefNo will open the Hierarchy Browser showing where the record fits in the collection’s hierarchy. Clicking on the + boxes will open more records.

    How do I view an item found on the online catalogue?

    Visitors need to make an appointment to view the collections email archives@uca.ac.uk or Gateway Services Gateway@uca.ac.uk for access. Archives are available on each campus Epsom, Farnham, Canterbury, Rochester.

    Can I view the archives and special collections if I am not a student/staff member at the university?

    Yes. You will be asked to provide identification, with a photograph and address, which may include a passport or driving licence.

    What are the opening times?

    The opening times are aligned with the opening times of the UCA Library. For information regarding each of UCA's libraries opening times, please see https://ucreative.libguides.com/mylibrary

    Can I obtain a copy of the document(s) in which I am interested?

    Researchers can request for documents to be scanned/photocopied alternatively they can use their digital cameras to copy material. In both cases we will ask you to sign a copyright form. Such copying is done on the understanding that the material is to be used for private research and not to be shared or published without the prior consent of the UCA.

    Are all images copyright of UCA?

    In many cases copyright of images is not held by UCA and will be owned by other organizations or people who have created the images.

    Is everything in the Archive on the Online Archive Catalogue?

    Not everything is in the Online Archive Catalogue currently, it is still a work in progress. Please contact archives@uca.ac.uk and we will be able to provide information about the collections and assist in identifying records that match your research criteria.