How do I search the database?

Simple search

The simple search is accessed via the search box in the top left hand corner of the CalmView page.

By default, the simple search will search across the Title and Description fields.

Where more than one term is entered, the default is an AND search – both terms will be found, but not necessarily together. To search for an exact phase enter double quotation marks.

Advanced search

To refine your search choose ‘Advanced Search’ from the toolbar along the top of the screen, and select catalogue. You can use more than one field when searching.

Any Text

This allows you to search across all fields.


This allows you to search across the hierarchical fields. Choose fonds (all the records in one archive) to bring up all items in one catalogue. For further information regarding the meanings of different levels, please see the Glossary.


If you know the unique identifier of the record you want, then fill in this field. For example the Tessa Boffin Archive is BOFF.

Title or Description

Narrow down your search further by title or description.

Refine Search Criteria

If you have entered more than one search term you can refine your search further within the AnyText, Title and Description searches by selecting ‘Refine Search Criteria’ which gives you three options:

  • To search for records which contain all your search terms
  • To search for records that contain at least one of the search terms
  • To exclude certain words from your search


Narrow down your search by selecting specific dates (20th century, 1930-1940).

Search Results

The search results will be displayed as the reference number, title, and date for each record. 10 results will be displayed per page.

To find out more information about each individual record click anywhere in the entry.

Clicking on the reference number (RefNo) will show where the record fits in the collections hierarchy.

For more information about the hierarchy see the Glossary.

Persons and Places

If looking for a particular person or place, when entering the Advanced Search, select Persons or Places, instead of Catalogue.

Enter the name of the person or place and all records that involve that person place will be displayed. Click on any record you are interested in to find out more.

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