TitleAnd So To Bed
DescriptionPreliminary sketches and storyboards, scripts, newspaper cuttings, cel drawings, photos, DAT tape of voiceover in Welsh and English, dope sheets.
Extent3 boxes
AdminHistoryAnd So To Bed describes a week in the life of one man (an Alan Bennett type character). Each day there are new scenarios with narrator Rob Brydon describing the events:

Monday 27th August
Had prunes for breakfast. Very nice except for the pips. Funny thing! My old clock stopped at exactly 2.30pm which by strange coincidence was the same time as my last dental appointment. There is more to life than we can possibly know.
Tuesday 28th August
Found I had run out of sugar. Had to put marmalade in my tea instead. Not bad really. On my way to work a beautiful girl threw herself at my feet declaring undying love for me. Unfortunately I was already a bit late for work so could not stop for a chat with her. Helped Mrs Wooster fix her fence, her leg is much better now after being bitten by a duck.
Wednesday 29th August
Bought a box of tissues. It was supposed to contain 5,000 but on examination discovered there was one short. Wrote to the manufacturers.
Thursday 30th August
Accidently invented time travel today whilst mending the vacuum cleaner. Spent a very interesting couple of days with Attila the Hun. Arrived back just before I set off which is just as well as I had a pan of milk on the stove.
Friday 31st August
Was kidnapped and held to ransom by armed terrorists on the way to the Post Office this morning. We had a laugh when they realized I had no family, friends or money. They paid for my taxi home which I thought was very kind.
Saturday 1st September
Received one tissue in the post today. It pays to complain sometimes. Spent an interesting morning with Mrs Wooster. Apparently she was a land mine during the war. Couldn't help noticing the people next door had built a nuclear missile base in their back garden. Didn't like to say anything as good neighbours are hard to come by. Found old photograph of my first bike, it had fallen down the back of the piano.
Sunday 2nd September
Had quite a surprise when I went out this morning. A basket with a baby in it was on the doorstep with a note saying "please look after my little girl Nicola." Unfortunately I am using my spare room for my collection of dog collars. I gave the basket to the milkman who said he could get free milk for the baby. Rather convenient I thought. Went to bed early and watched cartoons on the television. Some are very clever. I don't know how they think them up. (man seen watching Henry's Cat). Found my hot water bottle was leaking. Thoughtfully I'm wearing my wellington boots in bed tonight. Sad news. Mrs Wooster was bitten by an armadillo.
(Switches off bedside light)
11.15pm My bed broke.

Director: Bob Godfrey
Voice over: Rob Brydon
Script: Stan Hayward
Music: Roland Lee
Layouts: Oliver Brown
Animation: Kevin Baldwin. Oliver Brown
Background: Bob Godfrey
Production: Mike Hayes

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DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/41Bennett; Alan
DS/UK/47Hayes; Mike; Producer
DS/UK/29Hayward; Stanley (1930-); Scriptwriter1930-
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