TitleDiamond Oil
DescriptionPencil drawings, tracing paper drawings, animation cels, background drawings, dope sheets, story synopsis and shot list.
Extent1 box
AdminHistoryDiamond Oil was a commercial for engine oil.possibly commissioned in Finland.

Synopsis: TEBOIL DIAMOND 30"
1) A car is sleeping on the street. A man gives a bowl on which it says OIL, to the car. The car opens it's eyes. Sniffs the bowl. Refuses to take.
2) The man comes back again. With him he has now a bowl on which it says DIAMOND. He is carrying a 4 litre canister of Diamond oil in his armpit.
3) The car stretches and puffs up it's muscles. The engine starts to buzz. The man shows the key. The key gleams. The engine growls gladly. The car sinks down.
4) The car starts to jump around the man. The engine is buzzing. The car opens it's door, the man gets in. The car raises up it's back and starts out like a Road Runner. The car shoots to the horizon.
5) The Diamond canister of 4 litres drives to the picture. The same kind of gleam as with the key. The canister becomes real.
6) Text: Diamond. Tosi Timantti Oly. Teboil (Diamond. Very Diamond Oil. Teboil).
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