TitleDirty Rat Tales
DescriptionDirty Rat Tales was an unrealised animation about a family of rats and their environmentally conscious son Pungent through whom a different environmental issue was explored in each episode. Created and written by Grange Calveley. Scripts relating to the various tales, storyboards, cel animation, sketches, drawings, audio casette tapes.
AdminHistorySynopsis: Dirty Rat Tales is about a family of rats: Vermin Rodent (father), Nausia (Mother), Pungent (Son), Colic (daughter) and Rancid (Colic's boyfriend). They are a typical family of rats who happily live in filth apart from their son Pungent who tries to educate the rest of the family about green issues. Each episode Pungent opens his family's eyes to matters such as pollution, endangered species and recycling helping them change their ways, only after they have all sung a song about the subject.

Produced by Roobarb Enterprises
Directed by Bob Godfrey
Written and Created by Grange Calveley
Animation Bob Godfrey, Kevin Baldwin
Voice Chris Barrie
DS/UK/40Calveley; Grange (6 May 1943 - Present); Writer, artist6 May 1943 - Present
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