Ref NoBG/GR/3
TitlePhotographic material
DescriptionProduction and pre-production photographs.
Photographs used as cut outs, as scenes or as reference. Subjects include Brunel, ship building, clifton suspension bridge, great western railway.

Envelope - Photographs B&W prints from National Maritime Museum - Steam ship building scenes x 7 - Views of SS Great Eastern - notes used in Film Reel 3
2 x Application forms for reproduction of images (not filled in).
Letter detailing terms and conditions from NMM Director Basil Greenhill Jan 1972
British Railways:
B&W prints - drawings/etchings Western Region Box Tunnel, Cherry Lane Bridge (photo)
B&W prints - 2 x Clifton Suspension Bridge design drawings, 1 x Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash (Inspection Chamber for Centre Pile).
1 x plan of GWR map
Mary Evans Picture Library:
Envelope - B&W negs, medium format on safety acetate.
Max Rayner Photography:
Various B&W prints of St Pancras Station, Ship building, famous Victorians incl Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale, Lord Tennyson.
PEN Photographic:
Various B&W prints ref, B&W etchings, some with added captions and one labeled "used as background".
Illustrated London News (L.E.A London Electrotype Agency)
B&W prints - Etchings of The Great Eastern and SS Great Britain.
Misc photos:
Envelope: Photographs from the Book "Victorian Inventions" various
B&W prints - various, no information
B&W negs - various, no information
B&W scans Brunel inventions - Clifton Suspension Bridge, St Pancras Station, SS Great Eastern or Great Britain??

Photo courtesy of the Maritime Museum #11, seq24, sc15 (mounted)

Photograph background of football team with the heads replaced by famous Victorians including Brunel, Palmerston, Disraeli, Dickens, Gladstone, Florence Nightingale.

LocationRoom G193, Farnham, Box GR4
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