TitleBassett's Jelly Babies Commercials
DescriptionThis series consists of items relating to television commercials for Bassett's Jelly Babies.

The series includes Pre-Production and Production material for the commercials (consisting of drawings, animation cels, cassette tapes, scripts, dope sheets , storyboards, packet designs and correspondence).

The advertising campaigns featured within the material include Jelly Babies "'Cup Final", Jelly Babies "Cup Final Highlights", and Jelly Babies "Eat to the Beat".

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Bassett's Jelly Babies Commercials


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AdminHistoryAccording to Tim Richardson, author of 'Sweets: The temptation of history', Jelly Babies were originally invented in 1864 at Fryer's, a Lancashire Sweets Firm. The tasty treats were an invention of Austrian immigrant confectioner called Steinboch (known as Springbok locally). The name he coined and the name Jelly babies were initially marketed under was 'Unclaimed Babies'. In 1918, a firm named Bassett's in Sheffield began the production of their "Peace Babies" to mark the end of the First World War. The production of the sweet was suspended during WW2 due to wartime shortages. The name 'Peace Babies' would also have been quite ironic given that war had just broken out. Following on from the end of the Second World War, in 1953 the product was re-launched as "Jelly Babies". In 1989 Bassett's were taken over by the company Cadbury-Schweppes. This saw the re-marketing of Jelly Babies. Prior to 1989, all colours of Jelly Baby were the same shape. The new Jelly Babies were each given their own colour and name:

Brilliant (red colour - strawberry flavour)
Bubbles (yellow colour - lemon flavour)
Baby Bonny (pink colour - raspberry flavour)
Boofuls (green colour - lime flavour)
Bigheart (black/grey colour - blackcurrant flavour)
Bumper (orange colour - orange flavour)

A further change was made in 2007 when the Jelly Baby recipe was altered to include only natural colours and ingredients.

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