TitleJim Space Born
DescriptionThis series consists of items relating to the animation "Jim Spaceborn", a 10 minute pilot animation based on the LEGO comic book hero Jim Spaceborn.

The series includes Production material for the animation (consisting of scene artwork and drawings, including dope sheets, backgrounds, animation cels, field guides and layouts).

Synopsis: Jim Spaceborn is tasked with finding suitable accommodation for Keko the robot on board the spaceship 'Spearhead'.
DateUndated [1986]


Extent1 box, 404 items
ArrangementThis series has been arranged according to order of scene.
LocationFarnham, G193, box JS1
AdminHistoryJim Spaceborn was a Classic Space orientated LEGO comic book series authored and illustrated by Frank Bruun Madsen, and developed and produced in collaboration with LEGO's publishing division, LEGO publishing, from 1984 - 1987.

Madsen wrote and illustrated three 48 page comic books with the LEGO character:

"Jim Spaceborn: The Unknown Galaxy", the first installment, was published in six countries.

"Jim Spaceborn: The Kidnappers from Swamp Planet/Castle of the Darkmen", the second installment, was published in five of the aforementioned six countries excluding Denmark.

"Jim Spaceborn: Panic on Board", the third installment, remains unpublished.

Madsen also wrote three half-sized 24-page comic books (story and layouts only, but these were never published).

In 1986 LEGO asked a Danish company owned by Jeffrey James Varab and Jakob Stegelmann, whose studio was based in Copenhagen, to work on an animation project with Jim Spaceborn. Work on a ten minute pilot episode was undertaken, although the pilot was never aired.

At the time of printing Jim Spaceborn, Erik Dyhr Thomsen was the managing director of LEGO publishing. LEGO closed down their publishing division in 1987.

The animation material held at UCA is based on a sequence of scenes from the first comic installment "Jim Spaceborn: The Unknown Galaxy", where Keko is on board the spaceship Spearhead, and Jim Spaceborn as tasked with finding him suitable accommodation.

Characters from Jim Spaceborn:
Bart Seeker - Captain of Spearhead
Viva - Chief Pilot
Jim Spaceborn
Keko - Robot
Duncan - Engineer
The name of Jim Spaceborn's spaceship was 'Spearhead'.

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DS/UK/63Madsen; Frank Bruun (1962 - present); Author, illustrator, comics artist1962 - present
DS/UK/65The LEGO Group; 1932 - present1932 - present
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