TitleKevin Saves the World
DescriptionThis series consists of material relating to the children's animation series 'Kevin Saves the World'.

Series synopsis: Kevin is an ordinary sort of boy with a talent for incompetence. He likes to lead an ordinary sort of life but never gets the chance; he keeps on meeting extraordinary characters, aliens, genies, dragons etc, and finds himself, much to his alarm, involved in all kinds of unusual adventures. These make up the series, 'Kevin Saves The World'. (Synopsis by Bob Godfrey Films).

This series includes the animations:
Episode 1: Kevin saves the World
Episode 2: Kevin and the Computer Game
Episode 3: Kevin and the Big Lizard
Episode 4: Kevin and the Genie
Episode 5: Kevin and the Boogie Woogie Bogeyman
Episode 6: Kevin's Christmas Treat
Episode 7: Kevin and the Recipe Book
Episode 8: Kevin and the Great Inventor
Episode 9: Kevin and the Ghosts
Episode 10: Kevin and the Quiz Show
Episode 11: Kevin and the Baked Beanstalk
Episode 12: Kevin and the Goblet of Eternal Life
Episode 13: Kevin and the Vikings
Kevin and the 7 Deadly Drop-Ins


Extent37 boxes
ArrangementThis series has been arranged according to episode. Episodes are arranged in order of their planned production. They have then been arranged into pre-production and production material. Correspondence forms its own subseries due to the material content being relevant to the series as a whole. This arrangement follows original order.
LocationFarnham, G193, boxes KW1-KW12; KB1-KB2; KC1-KC5; KG1-KG11; KL1-KL6.
AdminHistoryThe Kevin Saves the World series animations are based on the children's book 'Kevin saves the world' by author Daniel Postgate. Consequently, the art style for the series was taken from Daniel Postgate's books. The episodes started as traditional animation trace and paint but then went to digital.

Daniel Postgate and Bob Godfrey met at the first meeting of the animator's 'Think Tank' in King's Cross, where Godfrey expressed an interest in doing something with Postgate's story, 'Kevin Saves the World'. Postgate states this in a letter sent to Godfrey on 13th November 1993.

The series was funded and supported by the Norwegian Film Institute and the Nordisk Film & T.V. Fund, as well as being supported by Bob Godfrey Films and Kine Aune. Whole episodes were produced for episodes 1 to 5, and these were broadcasted in Norway. However the remaining episodes were not broadcast and largely feature pre-production material, although episodes 7 and 10 contain a little production material. In total five episodes were finished and eight other animatics were produced. However production came to a halt through lack of finance. In an interview with Kasper de Graaf in 2004, Bob Godfrey states 'The Norwegians had 1-5 and then the series ended because they didn't want anymore shorts' (Bob Godfrey, interview by Kasper de Graaf, 26 November 2004; Chelsea Arts Club).

Although the copyright for Kevin belonged to Daniel Postgate, David Bennett Books originally had a hand in the subsidary rights. David Bennett Books then reassigned the rights to Daniel Postgate, although Bennett still maintained merchandising rights.

The company Monster Distributes worked on distributing the series.

Rob Brydon provided voiceovers for the series.

Written by Daniel Postgate
Music by Rowland Lee
Directed by Bob Godfrey
Produced by Kine Aune and Bob Godfrey Films Limited

Show related Persons records.

DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/49Aune; Kine (1943-present); creator and director of short and animation films1943-present
DS/UK/48Postgate; Daniel (1964-present); Freelance author, illustrator and cartoonist1964-present
DS/UK/50Norwegian Film Institute; 3 May 1955 - present3 May 1955 - present
DS/UK/51Nordisk Film & TV Fond; 1990 - present1990 - present
DS/UK/54Brydon; Rob (3 May 1965 - present); Actor, comedian, presenter3 May 1965 - present
DS/UK/55Lee; Rowland
DS/UK/52Monster! Entertainment; 1995 - present1995 - present
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