Ref NoBG/KW/14
TitleEpisode 13: Kevin and the Vikings
DescriptionMaterial relating to the episode 'Kevin and the Vikings', planned episode 13 of the animation Kevin Saves the World. This episode was not fully produced or braodcast.

'Kevin and the Vikings' synopsis: Kevin attends the local church fete in Viking fancy dress. The vicar lends him an old viking horn to complete his attire. Kevin blows the horn and is immediately whisked up to Asgard. There, he meets the Viking Gods who offer Kevin their services (as he posesses the enchanted horn). Kevin has no need of their services but invites them down to the church fete instead. At the fete the Viking cause chaos; a valkerie smashes all the crockery on Aunt Sally's stall with one operatic cry, Thor breaks the 'test your strength' machine with his hammer, the local rugby team suffer a humiliating defeat at the Tug of War etc. Eventually all the fete-goers are frightened off. The vicar's spirit is broken, how will the money be raised to fix the church roof now? Kevin calls the Vikings to the task of fixing the church roof. With one mighty breath Odin clears off the old slates. Thor smashes a lump of slate from a mountain side and tosses it into the air, a swords-man slices the slate and anotrher scatters it onto the roof. For the finishing tough, Odin tosses one of his arm-rings into the air, two archers fire two arrows through the ring and it lands on top of the spire, as a weather-vane. The roof is fixed. The Vikings make Kevin an honorary Viking then bed him farewell and Kevin returns home". (Synopsis by Bob Godfrey Films).
Extent1 subsubseries
LocationFarnham, G193

Show related Persons records.

DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/49Aune; Kine (1943-present); creator and director of short and animation films1943-present
DS/UK/48Postgate; Daniel (1964-present); Freelance author, illustrator and cartoonist1964-present
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