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TitleEpisode 1: Kevin Saves the World
DescriptionMaterial relating to the episode 'Kevin Saves the World', episode 1 of the animation Kevin Saves the World.

'Kevin Saves the World' synopsis: "Kevin is introduced by a description of how he isn't any good at anything, such as sport, art, spelling etc. But he is good at one thing; making funny faces. A spaceship lands in Kevin's back garden. Out of it climbs an alien monster who announces that he and his friends intend to come and live on Kevin's planet. Kevin plays host and offers to make the monster something nice to eat and they retire to the kitchen. There, Kevin prepares some food for him. Unfortunately this is another thing Kevin isn't good at, he mixes together a collection of incompatible foods and serves it to the alien, who finds the food disgusting and orders a drink to take the taste away. Kevin pours the monster some orange squash but unfortunately spills it over him. The monster is understandably annoyed and orders Kevin to mop the squash off his space suit. Kevin uses the mop he used to mop up the spilled food, now the monster's space suit is covered in food as well! Kevin puts the alien's suit in the washing machine and washes it, unfortunately it shrinks in the wash. The monster despairs of Kevin. He tells him that he and his friends intended to move to Earth and make mankind their slaves. But as Kevin, an example of mankind, is so useless he has decided not to bother. He asks if there is anything at all that Kevin was good at. Kevin shows him the one thing he knows he is good at; making silly faces. The faces terrify the monster, who then dashes out to his spaceship and flies off. When Kevin's mum sees the mess in the kitchen she asks what Kevin has been up to, he tells her that he's been saving the world". (Synopsis by Bob Godfrey Films).
Extent2 subsubseries
LocationFarnham, G193
AdminHistoryThe episode 'Kevin saves the World' is based on the book of the same title, written by Daniel Postgate.

Show related Persons records.

DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/49Aune; Kine (1943-present); creator and director of short and animation films1943-present
DS/UK/48Postgate; Daniel (1964-present); Freelance author, illustrator and cartoonist1964-present
DS/UK/50Norwegian Film Institute; 3 May 1955 - present3 May 1955 - present
DS/UK/51Nordisk Film & TV Fond; 1990 - present1990 - present
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