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TitleEpisode 2: Kevin and the Computer Game
DescriptionMaterial relating to the episode 'Kevin and the Computer Game', episode 2 of the animation Kevin Saves the World.

'Kevin and the Computer Game' synopsis: "Kevin has a new computer game: Cyborg Copper versus Terminal Man. Unfortunately his played, Cyborg Copper, isn't doing too well. He keeps on getting zapped by Terminal Man. Kevin complains that his player is useless, so Cyborg Copper, over-hearing this, invites Kevin into the computer game to see if he can do any better. Once in the computer game Kevin is reluctant to resort to violence. Terminal Man however, has no such qualms and chases Kevin, shooting at him with his Lazer gun. Kevin suggests that if they became friends then there would be no need for them to shoot at eachother. Terminal Man explains that he must shoot at Kevin becuase if he doesn't then he won't get any points. Kevin is given a chnace to get away and in the chaos which follows the wires in the mechanics of the games are broken and it is up to Kevin to tie snapped wires as best he can. He inadvertently fixes the wires so in order to gain points the players must be nice to each other. Coyly, Cyborg Copper and Terminal Man exchange compliments, and gain points. Delighted, they retire to the destruction dungeon for a picnic, and Kevin returns home. Kevin's mum asks who's winning in the computer game and Kevin tells her that in a way they both are". (Synopsis by Bob Godfrey Films).
Extent2 subsubseries
LocationFarnham, G193

Show related Persons records.

DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/49Aune; Kine (1943-present); creator and director of short and animation films1943-present
DS/UK/48Postgate; Daniel (1964-present); Freelance author, illustrator and cartoonist1964-present
DS/UK/50Norwegian Film Institute; 3 May 1955 - present3 May 1955 - present
DS/UK/51Nordisk Film & TV Fond; 1990 - present1990 - present
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