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TitleEpisode 4: Kevin and the Genie
DescriptionMaterial relating to the episode 'Kevin and the Genie', episode 4 of the animation Kevin Saves the World.

'Kevin and the Genie' synopsis: "Kevin opens a can of fizzy drink and out of it appears a genie. The genie offers Kevin any wish he likes, but all Kevin wants is another can of fizzy drink, without a genie in it. The genie will not accept this as a worthy wish and demonstrates all the different kinds of exciting wishes Kevin could have. It becomes clear that these wishes are really ones that the genie would like himself, and they are all rather greedy. Kevin remains adament that all he wants is another can of fizzy drink, much to the genie's frustration. Eventually, Kevin tells the genie he can have the wish himself, as he seems to knwo so much about what one should want. The genie is delighted but cannot decide what he should go for; King of the Universe or Emperor of the Cosmos. He seeks Kevin's advice, Kevin suggests that he could choose to become a fizzy drinks salesman, then Kevin could buy another can off him. Incredulously, the genie says, 'I... want to become a fizzy drinks saleman?!' and WHAMMO that's what he becomes, complete with drinks shack. The disgruntled genie/drinks salesman gives Kevin a free can (but not before giving it a good shake first so at least he has the last laugh) and Kevin goes on his way. When Kevin arrives home he opens the can and it sprays everywhere. Kevin explains to an angry mother that it wasn't his fault but, in fact, the genie's". (Synopsis by Bob Godfrey Films).

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Extent2 subsubseries
LocationFarnham, G193

Show related Persons records.

DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/49Aune; Kine (1943-present); creator and director of short and animation films1943-present
DS/UK/48Postgate; Daniel (1964-present); Freelance author, illustrator and cartoonist1964-present
DS/UK/50Norwegian Film Institute; 3 May 1955 - present3 May 1955 - present
DS/UK/51Nordisk Film & TV Fond; 1990 - present1990 - present
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