TitleMarx for Beginners
DateUndated [1978]
Extent3 boxes

A woman in a library reads the book 'Marx for Beginners' and talks of the supposed difficulty of summarising and explaining Marx for 'simple minds'. The film then moves quickly through the growth and development of religion, philosophy and science in history: cavemen, Egyptians, Greeks, the 'Age of Faith', the Renaissance, and the Age of Reason. The 'working man' through history then encounters Karl Marx, who explains the growth of capitalism. An industrialist - represented as a pig - employs the working man to make commodities; Marx explains how profits are earned on his labour. Throughout the film a woman repeatedly appears to ask, "What about me?", but is ignored.

Animation: Bob Godfrey, Clive Morton, Kevin Attew, Annabel Jankel, Marcus Parker-Rhodes.
Collaboration between Cucumber Films and Bob Godfrey Film Emporium.
Produced by The Readers and Writers Publishing Cooperative.

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