TitleMillennium - The Musical
DescriptionThis series consists of items relating to the animation "Millennium - The Musical", a musical animation broadcast as part of the Millennium celebrations in 1999.

The series includes Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production material for the animation (consisting of scripts, storyboards, contracts, correspondence, scene artwork, DATs, VHS tapes and framed artwork for display).

Synopsis: The animation takes a look through 1000 years of British history, with the premise being that the entire animation takes place in a film studio. The scene opens with a setting in a film studio. The lights turn on, the doors open, and the scene pans through a number of figures wearing historical dress. The scene stops on a character dressed as a Bell-ringer, who acts as the guide throughout history. The production features musical sequences about Medieval Monks, the Black Death, King Richard III, the Tudors, the Plague and the Great Fire of London, the Regency, War, the Industrial Revolution, King Edward VII and a Finale Song. Links between the musical sequences are provided through the conversation between the Bell-ringer character and the supposed producer of the animation.


Extent20 boxes
ArrangementThis series has been arranged according to pre-production, production and post-production.
LocationFarnham, G193, Boxes MM1 - MM16; BG20 - BG23
AdminHistory"Millennium - The Musical" is an animated musical broadcast on Channel 4 in 1999 as part of the millennium celebrations.

The concept of the animation was based on 'The Millennium Film Project'. The project aimed to encapsulate and represent the history of the British Isles over the last 1000 years in a 20 minute film to be made by schoolchildren under the direction of Bob Godfrey and other leading animators. However this project was never carried out as planned, and children were not involved in the later production of "Millennium - The Musical", which was created by a professional team of animators.

On the 8th June 1998 Channel Four commissioned Bob Godfrey Films to undertake development work for a proosed animated musical programme provisionally titled "The Millennium". Following this, an greement was made on the 11th February 1999 between Channel Four Television Corporation and Bob Godfrey Films, where Channel 4 commissioned Bob Godfrey Films to produce a 30 minute (slot length) animated musical programme based on the development work and discussion with Clare Kitson, who at the time was the Commission Editor for Channel 4.

The animation demonstrates a number of styles and techniques, incorporating traditional 2D hand drawn animation with video footage, photocopied material and photographs. Extracts from sound recordings and previously made animated footage are also incorporated, such as a sequence representing the Battle of Hastings.

Channel 4 had previously commissioned Screen First Limited to produce development work for a proposed project entitled "1066". This footage was used in "Millennium - The Musical" after a waiver was obtained from Screen First Limited. Screen First limited also received an on screen credit for the use of a music recording extract in the form of "Tricky Dicky extract courtesy of Screen First Ltd."


Directed By: Bob Godfrey
Producer: Mike Hayes
Assistant Director: Oliver Brown
Script and Lyrics: Colin Pearson
Music Director and Original Music: Rowland Lee
Storyboard and Layout: Richard Taylor, Anne Jolliffe, Oliver Brown, Denis Rich, John Challis, Kevin Baldwin
Guest Cartoonists: Steve Bell, Jeremy Banx
Animation: Kevin Baldwin, Oliver Brown, Dennis Sisterson, Alastair McIlwain, Marcus Parker-Rhodes, Tom Cregeen, John Cousen
Backgrounds: Bob Godfrey, Mark Shepherd
Musicians and Singers: Peter Baikie, Chris Barrie,, Vernon Dudley Bowhay-Nowell, Guy Harbottle, Frances Jellard, Louise Davidson, Damian Gibbs, Rowland Lee, Bob Godfrey, Sarah Connelly, Duncan Mackenzie, Siomon Davies, Ghislaine Morgan, Diane Atherton, Michael McCarthy, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band, Brian Kelly (Banjo), David Juritz (violin)
Music Recording: Alex Russell, Mat Clark
Voices: Rob Brydon, Bob Godfrey, David Holt
Voice Recording: Ian Selwyn
Production Coordinators: Oliver Borwn, Denise Hambry
Production Assistant: Alex More
Compositing: Jeff Goldner, Rhodri Cooper
Rostrum Camera: Begonia Tamarit
Offline Editor Dubbing Editor: Jane Hicks
Online Editor: Jan Langford
Dubbing Mixer: Peter Brown
Vfx Transfer and Digital Colour Timing: Jim Davey
Original Music Published By: Absolutely Productions Ltd
'Tricky Dicky' Extract Courtesy Of: Screen First Limited
'Match of the Day' theme Courtesy of: Rak Publishing Ltd
Acknowledgements: British Pathe, ITN, Crispin Rodwell, The Guardian
A Bob Godfrey Films Production for Channel 4
Copyright Channel 4 Television Corporation MCMXCIX

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DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/54Brydon; Rob (3 May 1965 - present); Actor, comedian, presenter3 May 1965 - present
DS/UK/47Hayes; Mike; Producer
DS/UK/55Lee; Rowland
DS/UK/31Kitson; Claire; commissioner for Channel 4
DS/UK/32Channel 4
DS/UK/16Bell; Steve (1951-); Cartoonist1951-
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