TitleMargaret Thatcher, Where am I now?
DescriptionThese five episodes on Margaret Thatcher, written by Steve Bell, which aired in 1999, chart her rise to power from her childhood to Prime Minister, and her fall.

They are told from the view of of Margaret Thatcher, and reference her childhood upbringing and her political views. The episodes are political satire, and show cariactures of Margaret Thatcher, her father, and her political party. They reference miners' strikes, unemployment and disruption and they play on the fact that Margaret Thatcher's father Alderman Alfred Roberts was a grocer by referencing tinned food.

This series includes pre-production, production and post production records of the five episodes of Margaret Thatcher, Where am I now?, (scripts, pencil drawings and sequences, animation cels, and correspondence). There is a detailed synopsis of each episode.

Episode one can be seen here :
DateUndated [1999]
SubjectGraphic Arts
Caricatures and cartoons
AdminHistoryThese animations were produced by Bob Godfrey Films, and written by Steve Bell, the cartoonist. These five three minute animations were produced by Bob Godfrey and broadcast on Channel 4 from Monday through to Friday after Channel 4 News in May 1999 to mark the twentieth anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's coming to power.

The credits include:

Margaret Thatcher:
Sally Grace
Alderman Roberts et al: Jon Glover
Bob Godfrey, Kevin Baldwin, Alastair McIlwain,Oliver Brown, Dennis Sisterson, John Cousins, John Challis
Steve Bell
Bob Godfrey, Oliver Brown
Colour Assistant:
Liz Loveless
Archive Research:
Alex More
Production Coordinator:
Oliver Brown
Rowland Lee, Peter Baikie
Music Recording:
Alex Russell
Digital Ink and Paint:
Jeff Goldner and Rhodri Cooper at Animation Post
Sound Mix:
Wild Tracks
On Line:
Evolutions TV
Archive Footage courtesy of:
ITN and British Pathé ©
Copyright © in original cartoons:
Steve Bell
Mike Hayes
Bob Godfrey
A Bob Godfrey Production for Channel 4

Bob Godfrey's work often involved photocopies and cut out material from magazines which helped with costs
DS/UK/16Bell; Steve (1951-); Cartoonist1951-
DS/UK/23Thatcher; Margaret (1925-2013); Politican1925-2013
DS/UK/32Channel 4
DS/UK/34Goldner; Jeff; Animator
DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/47Hayes; Mike; Producer
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