Ref NoBG/MW/4
TitleEpisode one [Production]
DescriptionProduction records of Episode One, including pencil drawings, sequences, animation cels, correspondence, storyboards. These records include camera timing instructions.

Synopsis: . The episode starts with Margaret Thatcher giving a speech relating to how the nation is 'strong, proud confident and free' yet people are 'ungrateful' and she should have listed to her dad.(scene in background looks at a mirror and a dressing table, where she is surrounded by oil of ulay, brasso, and is put together, as you would a robot [possibly referring to her being the 'Iron Lady']. The confident and free nation is represented by Tony Blair and Cherie Blair standing on the battlemounts waving. The scene then cuts ('a wobbly ripply dissolve back in time' to her dad Alderman Alfred Roberts, in a grocer, arguing with a irate customer. He tells his shop assistant Mabel he'll deal with her later, then talks to his daughter, a young Margaret Thatcher, explaining that you should 'never underestimate the power of tin food. Constable 'Badger' Courage interupts with news Hitler has occupied the Rhineland, and clips cutting to commentator and Hitler. It then cuts to Margaret writing a letter with a voiceover, protesting that Hitler has banned the Rotarians, with an invite to tea. It then cuts to Neville Chamberlain declaring war, then to Alderman saying that there are preparing food parcels for the deserving poor (Hardtack and tins of gruel). When delivering the food parcels the 'paupers' run away and Margaret and Alderman hit them with the food cans provoking 'blood curdling shrieks'. There is a fade out to a crescendo of war time sounds.
DateUndated [1999]
SubjectCaricatures and cartoons
Graphic Arts
ArrangementThe Archivist has arranged this series has been arranged by episode first, rather than preproduction, and production, due to the fact that the order it was in was already by episode.It has been noted that before the Archivist undertaking cataloguing this archive, it has passed through a number of previous workers for about 10 years. However, as previous cataloguing guidelines note that the original order should not be disturbed, and through speaking to the original member of staff who brought the material in, it is likely that the order of this is the same in which it arrived,

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DS/UK/24Roberts; Alfred (1872-1970); Mayor; Alderman1872-1970
DS/UK/15Blair; Cherie (1954-); Lawyer1954-
DS/UK/14Blair; Tony (1953-); Politician1953-
DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/28Chamberlain; Neville (1869-1940); Prime Minister1869-1940
DS/UK/23Thatcher; Margaret (1925-2013); Politican1925-2013
DS/UK/16Bell; Steve (1951-); Cartoonist1951-
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