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TitleEpisode three [Production]
DescriptionSynopsis: the episode starts with 'scenes from London in the Swinging Sixties', which includes Harold Wilson, theme from Batman and a young Bob Godfrey, including a voiceover from Margaret Thatcher, which commented on employment and how it couldn't last ('stagnant growth, rampant inflation and Trade Union bully-boy tactics... led to the near break down of civilised society in this country. Some even questioned the need for Civil Defence and the value of Tinned food!'), with events such as the 1974 miner's strike and 'General Pinochet's troups beating, torturing, rounding up lefties' in the background.

Cuts to Prime Minister Edward Heath playing the 'lost chord' by Sir Arthur Sullivan arguing that Margaret Thatcher has been 'hoarding the tinned food', he then is 'finished' from the Conservative Party (screams of agony from Heath in the background over organ music). Scenes then appear from the Winter of Discontent. Thatcher's party team is then introduced:

Keith Joseph in a straitjacket 'looking significant'

Geoffrey Howe, wrapped in a sheepskin and surrounded by bleating sheep, 'looking significant'

Michael Heseltine (shot of Tarzan at tree)

William Whitelaw

Cuts to shots of Healey, Benn and Foot getting a beating from the 'Thatcher Posse', and Thatcher whacking Callaghan, where every line of the prayer voiceover is punctuated by a 'vicious lunge or kick'

Thatcher then slams the door of Number 10, and after asking directions goes to the cupboard for tinned food with 'Mine! All Mine!'
DateUndated [1999]
SubjectCaricatures and cartoons
AdminHistoryHeseltine appears as Tarzan as that was how he was portrayed in Spitting Image, an award winning British satrical show, produced from 1984-1996

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DS/UK/16Bell; Steve (1951-); Cartoonist1951-
DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/23Thatcher; Margaret (1925-2013); Politican1925-2013
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