Ref NoBG/MW/7
TitleEpisode four [Production]
DescriptionSynopsis: Starts with Thatcher clutching a calf, wrestling with a stuffed lion, then shots of derelict factories

Voiceover from Thatcher stating that by the Summer of 1981 the ailing British economy was better off by cutting tazes on the better off, doubling VAT and doubling the unemployed (background shots of Summer 1981 riots) and that there was a joyful public mood in the wedding of Prince Charles of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer (with shots of Charles and Di grinning inaanely with a bottle thrown at Charles' head and a police car with lights flashing and siren wailing). Voiceover than continues saying enemies of the reform were gathering forces. Thatcher speaks on the phone to General Galtieri, selling him an aircraft carrier, while a brick flies through her window. Voiceover continues stating the while she was the most unpopular Prime Minister of the century, she wasn't deterred because, as her father said 'be like tinned food, you may not be popular but you'll make an impression'. Voiceover and shots relating to the Argentine government invading the Falklands, which includes a penguin walking over to a sheep saying 'you're free, rejoice', while the sheep says nothing, but explodes. Voiceover continues stating that she had help, where we see Ronald Reagan and General Pinochet playing leapfrog in a home movie. Voicecover and shots then looks at the election of the 1983 with a 'cringing Foot and reeling Benn' and then looks at the Miners' strike with Arthur Scargill 'evil Scargill, bully boy pickets, and agitators advancing leftwards', with 'heroic' police, including Constable Badger in episode one, with a coal mine being demolished and Nigel Lawsons getting steadily fatter. Then cuts to shots of 'happy yuppies with money falling out of the skies' with a voiceover saying it is now time 'to reward the wealth creators'. Then leads to footage of Thatcher winning the third general election, and Thatcher then saying it was time to introduce the Poll Tax to Scotland.
DateUndated [1999]

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DS/UK/16Bell; Steve (1951-); Cartoonist1951-
DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/23Thatcher; Margaret (1925-2013); Politican1925-2013
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