Ref NoBG/MW/8
TitleEpisode five [Production]
Episode starts with 'dishonest montage' of Soviet might rumbling down Red Square, then shot of Thatcher in a tank, then Soviet nuclear might rumbling back up Red Square in reverse. A slow dissolve to the eyeballs and face of Margaret Thatcher, looming out of a dark background. Pull back slowly to show the face in the mirror of a dressing table, surrounded by various ungents. Sounds of containers being unscrewed, slapping, powdering, pouring, clink.
Voiceover from Thatcher commenting on how she started down the forces of the Soviet State (Gorbachev) and they 'blinked'. Thatcher comments on her new friends that the country worn (P.W.Botha; General Pinochet; Saddam Hussein).

Thatcher then voiceovers how things started to go wrong, the Berlin Wall coming down, Poll Tax riots, things going badly awry in the European Union (shot of Thatcher signing the European Union Acts, smiling broadly, then denying she signed it in the voiceover) Story then looks at the 'treacherous dictator , Saddam Hussein' occupying Kuwait, then her own party turning on her, represented by creeper from tree winding itself around Thatcher's neck. John Major tries to saves her, by entering a phone box, and bursting out with underpants (such as Superman) but fails by crashing on the floor. Alderman Roberts appears saying Tinned food! Margaret Thatcher is rescued by General Pinochet and they disappear into the sunset, singing
DateUndated [1999]
AdminHistoryal Pinochet then appears on a llama, cuts her down from the tree, and they disappear into the sunset on the llama, singing

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DS/UK/16Bell; Steve (1951-); Cartoonist1951-
DS/UK/21Godfrey; Bob (1921-2013); Animator1921-2013
DS/UK/23Thatcher; Margaret (1925-2013); Politican1925-2013
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