TitleNoah and Nelly in SkylArk
AdminHistoryNoah and Nelly in SkylArk was a series of five minute animations loosely based around Noah's Ark but with a surreal interpretation. The SkylArk is a longship with a figurehead at each end, one smiling, the other frowning. The animals on board also have two heads, cheerful and optimistic at one end and unhappy and pessimistic at the other. The ship is captained by Nutty Noah who randomly picks a destination to visit each week. They visit strange lands where the inhabitants usually need help with a problem. Nelly his wife usually comes to their rescue knitting whatever they need to get them out of trouble.

Director: Bob Godfrey
Created by Grange Calveley (also wrote Roobarb)
Narrator: Richard Briers, Peter Hawkins (different animals voices).
BBC1 1976-77
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