TitleOracle Company
DescriptionIncludes artwork and storyboards for three adverts for teletext

Title: Fast Delivery.
Length: 10 seconds
Date: 1990
Opens with a dog with a newspaper in his mouth. Strapped to his back is a rocket, it blasts off so quickly that it peels the fur off the dog leaving him 'naked'. It then cuts to Horace the Oracle dog who is sitting in an armchair with a remote control in his hand. He presses a button on the remote and it cuts to the Oracle logo on the TV screen - super - 'The Ultimate Newspaper'.

Title: History.
Length: 30 seconds
Date: 26/9/1990
It opens with a close up of a panting bulldogs face. We see that he is struggling to carry a huge slab of stone - prehistoric newspaper. He is then crushed under the weight of it. We are then shown an Egyptian dog (Pointer) who is shuffling along the sand with a papyrus roll in his mouth. We are then shown Charles I on the block, awaiting execution when his spaniel dog comes in carrying a newspaper in its mouth. We are then shown a Beagle with newspaper in his mouth walking up a garden path in all weather. We are then shown the Oracle dog sitting on a sofa with the TV control. It then cuts to the Oracle logo on the screen - 'The Ultimate Newspaper'

Title: high Tech Horace
Length: 30 seconds
Date: 14/2/1991
Opens on a kennel at dawn and see Horace the Oracle dog in a very extravagant home. He pushes a button and in comes a robot with a cup of tea. The bed then tips up and he lands behind a towel and takes of his pjs and then on to a conveyor belt to the shower, where he is cleaned by robots. He then leaves the kennel and walks up to his masters house and sits and watches TV. He has the remote in his hand, he pushes a button on the remote on it cuts to a shot of the TV showing the Oracle logo. We are then shown dogs outside with papers in their mouths looking envious.

Extent6 boxes
AdminHistoryOracle relates to the company Oracle which is the company which produced a Teletext type service for ITV and Channel 4 in the early 1990s. The animation produced are mainly advertisements for the service and promoting it as being much better/easier than newspapers.
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