TitleWicked Willie
Extent13 boxes
LocationFarnham, G193
AdminHistoryWicked Willie is humorous cartoon about a man and his willie, a talking penis. The character explores the personification of the penis, suggesting that it leads a life of its own.

The character was created by illustrator Gray Joliffe and first appeared in the book Man's Best Friend (Pan Books Ltd: London, 1984), with the text written by Peter Mayle. Other Wicked Willie books puiblished include:
'Twinkle Winkle: Man's Best Friend and your Star Signs'
'Wicked Willie's Guide to Women: A worm's eye view of the fair sex' (1986)
'Wicked Willie's Low-down on Men: The essential guide to male misbehaviour' (1987)
'Wicked Willie's Guide to Women: The Further Adventures of Man's Best Friend' (1988)
'The World according to Wicked Wille' (1988)
'Wicked Willie Stand Up Comic Book' (1990)
'Wicked Willie does Stand Up' (2002)
'Wicked Willie: Reloaded' (2004)
'Willie's Away!'

The books led to the film Wicked Willie in 1990 and a board game.

The DVD 'Wicked Willie Comes Again... And Again' was released on 3rd November 2003, and featured the complete Wicked Wille on Video: 'Wicked Willie - The Movie' and 'Wicked Willie Rides Again', both animated by Bob Godfrey.

Director: Bob Godfrey
Original Idea: Gray Joliffe
Writers: Gray Joliffe, Peter Mayle

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Animation cels weeded by Jim Walker, August 2022.
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