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TitleTextile inspiration sketchbooks Vol 1 and Vol 2 entitled 'Shop Fronts, The Photographs. City and Guilds Part 1 Project assessment. Volume 1' and 'Shop Fronts Drawings and Samples Vol 2'
DescriptionThe first of these volumes has shop fronts, with page numbers and each photo numbered . The second volume has textiles and drawings relating to/inspired by each of the shop fronts, with the number of the photo it has been inspired by. Volumes should be used together.

Vol 1. Description in the book written and signed by Lynne Dennis states that 'the photographs have been entered in this book separately from the drawings and samples because I felt that they may make an interesting historical reference'

Front cover are shop front postcards of Jean Balel, 1979

Pages 1 and 2 show shop fronts of Worcester July 1987 including Laura Ashley, David Cassidy and Oasis Trading

Pages 3 and 4 show the Angel Mall of Blackfriars, undated [1987]

Page 5 shows 'The Eagle Vaults' on the corner on Pamp Street and Friar Street, Worcester, July 1987

Page 6 shows 'Meal Cheaper Street', F. Durrant and Sons Guns and Fishing tackle

Pages 7 and 8 shows Friar Street, The Butts, The Upper Tything, presumably in Worcester

Pages 9 and 10 shows The Tything, High St Worcester

Pages 11 and 12 The Hopmarket yard, 'Armstrongs' Taylor and Sansome walk

Pages 13 and 14 shows The Merryhill Centre, Dudley, August 1987

Pages 15 and 16 shows The Black County Museum Village

Pages 17 and 18 shows a stall at the fair, the Village at the Black County Museum, Regent Areade Cheltenham, the Market Place Tetbury (Cotswolds series)

Pages 19 and 20 shows Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre, August 1987

Pages 21 and 22 shows Liberty's August 13th 1987

Vol 2
Information regarding Blackfriars and Huntington arcades in Worcester

Drawings and samples inspired by the shop fronts, with information regarding techniques and material used. Shows a work in progress with notes looking at why different colours and textileshould be used

DateAug 1987
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