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From USA/ America

Recycled Content Board (ReWall Naked Board - (Natural)
Hardwood plywood- made of a renewable eucalyptus hybrid tree species - used for flooring, wall paneling, ceiling, furniture, cabinetry and taple tops, (Natural)
Solaplast -Resin compound composed of aquatic algae biomass - used for disposable packaging containers for dry and liquid goods
Biodegradable micro-beads- of polyhydroxyalkanoates - used for gentle exfoliants in personal care products such as shampoos, cosmetics and cleaners,
Plant Fiber (fibre) blend - Mouldable fibrous pulp, used for consumer products and food packaging -
Java Jute tm - hand dyed, surfacing material composed of Kenaf Strands (a rapidly renewable plant with strong and durable fibres- used for wall coverings for residential and commercial interiors-
Imperatriz- cellulose kraft pulp from planted eucalyptus trees - used for absorbent articles and paper products -
Organowood - Lumber that has beem treated with silicia to 'mineralize' the natural cells of the wood and create an impervious barrier - used for construction of houses, decking, and poles and studs in building
Ekoa (r) Pre-pregs- high performance prepreg that contains flax fibres and resin for a total of 75% bio-based content - used for transportation, sports equipment, musical instruments, furniture and consumer electronics-
DuraSoy ONE Paint & Primer- high performance, bio-based paint and primer whose precursors are derived by soy - used for drywall, fibre cement, masonry, concrete and
MyCoBoard - structural sheet material that is an alternative to engineered wood, made from agricultural waste and mycelium - used for furniture and interiors-
Indure- Bio-based composite panel made from wood fibre (65%) and an acrylic binder (35%) that is formaldehyde free - used for tabletops, countertops, vanities, artwork, flooring, walls, partitions, and furniture-

From Belgium
FlaxPreg - Prepreg composite made of unidirectional (UD) flaz fibres or fabrics impregnanted with epoxy resin to create a high strength lightweight structure - used for sporting good, transportation, wind, energy, interiors and furniture -

From France

Fibrimat HD - reinforcemat mat composed of 100% flax - used for composite parts made by infusion or RTM -

From Canada

Crailar Flax - Flax (linen) treated with an enzymatic process to produce soft, fine fibres, comparable to cotton - used for woven or knitted fabrics for underwear, apparel and furnishing -

From Thailand
Bioleather- tough, flexible,translucent sheets made of bacterial cellulose, used in places that leather is now used -
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