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DescriptionStoryboards, scripts, and artwork, including cardboard and photocopied cut outs of characters within flatworld
AdminHistoryDirected by Animator Daniel Greaves Flatworld follows flat cardboard and paper cut outs set in a 3D world called 'Flatworld'

Flatworld follows Matt Phlatt, along with his pet cat Geoff and his fish Chips, where a freak electrical accident releases a 30's gangster from his TV film into Matt's world and causes chaos as Matt is mistaken for the criminal after a bank robbery.

A telegraph article on Daniel Greaves and flatworld is available here (23rd December 1997)

'More than half the film is what Greaves describes as "two-and- a-half dimensional". To achieve this, he used traditional stop-frame animation to move cardboard figures in a three-dimensional setting. It was a painstaking process. First, drawings of the characters were animated with 12 different images shot per second to check fluidity of movement. Then, every drawing was photocopied, pasted on to card, coloured and carefully cut out. Each card image was weighted at its base so it would stand upright. These images were then animated, with 12 different card drawings of the same character shot per second. All in all, the film used 40,000 different cardboard cut-outs. Filming the "Flipside" sequence was a piece of cake by comparison, involving traditional Disney techniques.'

Watch the animation here
DS/UK/36Greaves; Daniel; Animation Director
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