Person NameBoffin; Tessa (1960-1993); Photographer
ActivityTessa Boffin was born 24 December 1960. She was a lesbian photographer, writer, editor, and performance artist. Her work was at the front-line of international queer culture and politics. She initially studied photography in the mid 1980s at the Polytechnic of Central London, under the tutorship of Simon Watney. She undertook an MA in Critical Theory at the University of Sussex in 1987-1988.

Her teaching was as a part time photography lecturer at Adult Education, London from 1986 to 1987, worked at Oxford Polytechnic,1987 and 1989, worked at West Surrey College of Art and Design from 1988, Polytechnic of Central London, 1990, Kent institute of Art and Design from 1990

Tessa Boffin's work was sex and sexual fantasy, and explored lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender issues. She edited Ecstatic Antibodies in 1990 with Sunil Gupta, and co-curated the exhibition, which contributed to understanding of the role images played in the AIDS crisis, and in 1991 edited Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs, with Jean Fraser, which is contemporary lesbian photography. She was the first British lesbian doing political work around AIDS as early as 1985.

She died on 27th October 1993, taking her own life, while working as a lecturer at the Kent Institute for Art and Design
BOFF/2Student coursework
BOFF/3/1Technical photography notebook
BOFF/1/3/8Images published in Skin Two (lesbian photography magazine)
BOFF/5/2/2Wide Angle: Independent Photography Newsletter for the South East
BOFF/2/7Study material for Film and Photographic Arts
BOFF/2/9University of Sussex examinations
BOFF/1/1/1Photographic ideas and reflections
BOFF/8/3Phototherapy/psychoanalytic techniques articles and notes
BOFF/8/4Pornography notes and articles
BOFF/8/15Modernism and photography articles and notes
BOFF/8/8The body: body politics, language articles and notes
BOFF/8/10Lesbian representation
BOFF/8/12Psychoanalysis: visual pleasure- fantasy, sexual difference notes and articles.
BOFF/8/20Power and institutions of photography (news and medical photos landscape and colonialism) notes and articles.
BOFF/8/2Post modernism articles and lecture notes
BOFF/1/3/3Material relating to the contribution to Ecstatic Antibodies: Resisting the Aids Mythology
BOFF/3/3Technical Notes reprints
BOFF/1/2/2The King's Trial, the Querelle project, and articles for project research
BOFF/5Leaflets, and miscellaneous articles regarding Lesbian, Gay. Bisexual, and Transexual issues, feminism and Photography
BOFF/2/8'Not The Same Old Story, Lesbians and Photography', a summary
BOFF/3/2Technical photography notebook
BOFF/1/2/3A leaflet for a visual AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)workshop
BOFF/5/1Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transexual and feminism articles
BOFF/5/1/4Double trouble: DG with Art & Text no. 11 / 15, Summer / Spring 1984
BOFF/5/1/5AIDS The Artists' Response magazine
BOFF/6/5Ecstatic Antibodies BBC Scotland, Excess
BOFF/1/1/2Photographic ideas and reflections
BOFF/8/18Notes and articles regarding homosexuality and lesbianism
BOFF/4/1Photographs and newspaper clippings
BOFF/4/2/3Correspondence between Jo Spence, BA Communication Design and Sunil Gupta, curator of the institute of new visual arts
BOFF/2/1Coursework notebook
BOFF/8/5Worker photography, surrealism articles and notes
BOFF/2/2Photographs for 'The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune: AIDS and the Body Politic'
BOFF/2/3Course materials, notes and articles in relation to Film and Photographic Arts and 'The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune: AIDS and the Body Politic'
BOFF/5/2/3Wide Angle: Independent Photography Newsletter for the South East
BOFF/5/2Photography articles
BOFF/8/7Documentary photography articles and notes
BOFF/1/1Analysis of media for potential photographic projects
BOFF/1/4/1Stereotype and Stigma invite
BOFF/2/4Final version of 'The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune: AIDS and the Body Politic'
BOFF/2/5'Paradise Lost?' Theory/Practise Module
BOFF/2/6Course notes from first year theory work
BOFF/3Technical photography instruction
BOFF/5/1/6Issues of Sunday Sport, Time Out and articles relating to Della Grace.
BOFF/6/2Lesbian photography
BOFF/6/4Meridian: AIDS in the Arts
BOFF/8/6Lesbian sexual politics annotated articles
BOFF/8/11Newspaper articles regarding sadomasochism and the legality
BOFF/4/2/2Postcard to Tessa Boffin from Marc Almond (from the band Soft Cell)
BOFF/9Slide collection of photography work
BOFF/8/1The history of photography and alternative photography practice
BOFF/5/3/1Feminist Studies, Vol. 18, No. 3
BOFF/1Project and publication work
BOFF/1/3/6Photographic prints from the Knight's Move
BOFF/1/4'Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs' Exhibitions
BOFF/1/3/2'Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs' correspondence and contracts
BOFF/1/3/5Reviews and promotional material of Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs
BOFF/1/3/9Articles regarding Ecstatic Antibodies: Resisting the Aids Mythology and Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs
BOFF/1/3Administrative and promotional material (Tessa Boffin's published books)
BOFFTessa Boffin Archive
BOFF/1/2Cross dressing, AIDS, and safe sex projects
BOFF/6Conference, television, and radio talks
BOFF/6/1Stereotype and Stigma
BOFF/8Annotated reprints, research notes, and lecture notes
BOFF/1/2/1The Sailor and the Showgirl project
BOFF/5/2/1Wide Angle: Independent Photography Newsletter for the South East
BOFF/5/1/3ZG: The Body, no. 10
BOFF/5/3/2Advertisement for Feminist Studies Volume 19
BOFF/5/2/4Advertisement for the European Arts Festival: Cross Channel Photographic Mission
BOFF/5/1/2Jan Zita Grover, "Anne Noggle's Problematic Portraits", Afterimage, Vol 8 No 4 (November 1980): 5-20
BOFF/1/3/1'Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs' exhibition proposals and addresses of contacts
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