Person NameCanterbury School of Art; 1868-1987
Corporate NameCanterbury School of Art
CCOL/2/2/1/2Fashion programme
CCOL/3/1/6Degree course in Graphic Design course regulations
CCOL/9/2Interact magazine
CCOL/1/2/1/2Diploma review 2
CCOL/10Staff photographs
CCOL/3/5/2/26Miscellaneous unidentified work
CCOL/3/5/2/39Sculpture degree show
CCOL/3/5Degree, diploma Shows and student exhibitions
CCOL/3/5/2/4Sculpture work by Linda Levy
CCOL/3/5/2/9Sculpture work by Robert Gillan
CCOL/3/6/3Essay on Vincent Van Gogh
CCOL/3/5/3/4Photographs of foundation coursework: drawing
CCOL/3/5/2/32Sculpture degree show
CCOL/3/5/3/1Exhibition of works by second year Bachelor of Arts (BA) students
CCOL/2/2Degree, diploma and exhibition shows
CCOL/3/3/1Report of a visit to Canterbury College of Art in connection to renewal of approval of BA (Honours) degree courses in Fine Art and Graphic Design
CCOL/3/5/2/2Sculpture work by Anita Grover
CCOL/3/5/3/6Images of students working in studio
CCOL/10/1Photograph of Canterbury College of Art staff
CCOL/1/1/4Degree course handbook
CCOL/11/1/2IPEX Exhibition, Olympia and British Furniture Manufacturers Exhibition, Earls Court (Photographs)
CCOL/3/5/2/1Sculpture work by Elaine Wilday
CCOL/3/5/2/16Sculpture work by A. Sykes
CCOL/3/5/2/15Sculpture work by Caroline Worth
CCOL/3/2/1Minutes of a meeting of the Fine Art Board of Studies
CCOL/3/5/3/2Fine Art degree show
CCOL/3/5/3/7Colour photograph of student jewellery maker
CCOL/3/5/2/38Sculpture degree show
CCOL/6Prospectuses (general courses)
CCOL/1/3Student magazines
CCOL/3/5/2/36Sculpture degree show
CCOL/3/6/2Quarrels with the light
CCOL/8/3The Art Student's Guide to the Library by Colin Ball
CCOL/3/5/2/34Sculpture degree show
CCOL/1School of Architecture
CCOL/4/1/2Draft validation document
CCOL/1/2/1/1Diploma review
CCOL/3/6/1Art against society: a study of the influence of politics on art
CCOL/3/5/3/3Frames of fabric design work
CCOL/1/2/1/3Diploma review 3
CCOL/3/5/2/33Sculpture degree show
CCOL/3/5/2/14Sculpture work by Geof Harold
CCOL/1/1/10Summer studio
CCOL/3/5/2/12Sculpture work by David Roe
CCOL/2/2/1/1Fashion programme
CCOL/5/2Accommodation leaflet
CCOL/2/2/1Catalogues and adverts
CCOL/1/1Prospectuses and degree handbooks
CCOL/2/1/1Dress and Textiles prospectus
CCOL/9/3Cant/art/icle magazine and Canterbury College of Art newsletter
CCOL/5/1Tuition fees
CCOLCanterbury College of Art Institutional Archive
CCOL/3/4/2The Occasional Probe Magazine
CCOL/1/1/12Degree course handbook
CCOL/2/2/1/3Fashion programme
CCOL/1/3/1/7Canterbury Architectural Students Association magazine
CCOL/1/3/1Canterbury Architectural Students Association magazine
CCOL/1/3/1/1Canterbury Architectural Students Association magazine
CCOL/1/3/1/6Canterbury Architectural Students Association magazine
CCOL/3Schools of Art (Fine Art, Graphic Design, History of Art)
CCOL/3/5/2Sculpture Exhibitions and Degree Shows
CCOL/2School of Fashion
CCOL/3/5/2/27Degree show
CCOL/1/1/8Diploma handbook
CCOL/1/1/9Summer studio
CCOL/1/1/5Degree course handbook
CCOL/1/1/6Degree and diploma courses leaflet
CCOL/3/5/3/5Spatial higher diagram
CCOL/3/5/2/17Sculpture work by R.Stileman
CCOL/3/3/2Report in preparation for review of approval of courses in Fine Art and Graphic Design
CCOL/3/4Student magazines
CCOL/3/5/1Graphic Design degree shows and exhibitions
CCOL/3/5/2/7Sculpture work by John Roberts
CCOL/3/5/2/18Sculpture work by Helen Meader
CCOL/3/5/2/30Inflatable project on lawn, and views of sculpture studio
CCOL/3/5/2/35Sculpture degree show
CCOL/3/6/4Stanley Spencer: his early life and work up to the 1930s
CCOL/4Department of Foundation Studies
CCOL/7/1Visitor book
CCOL/9General student magazines and publications
CCOL/1/2/3Architecture slides and images
CCOL/1/2/2/1Advert for the School of Architecture show
CCOL/3/5/2/28Degree show
CCOL/1/2/1Diploma reviews
CCOL/3/5/1/3School of Graphic Design films
CCOL/1/2Degree, diploma, exhibition shows and reviews
CCOL/1/4Architectural image slides for teaching and research
CCOL/3/1/1History of Art/Design and Complementary Studies
CCOL/3/1/2School of Fine Art, B.A (Honours) Degree in Fine Art syllabus
CCOL/3/1/3School of Graphic Design, BA (Honours) Graphic Design syllabus
CCOL/3/1/4School of Graphic Design BA (Honours) handbook
CCOL/3/1/5School of Graphic Design BA (Honours) handbook
CCOL/3/2Minutes of the School of Fine Art
CCOL/3/3Reports regarding renewal of approval of courses
CCOL/3/4/1Monthly Bulletin of the School of Graphic Design
CCOL/3/5/2/20Sculpture work by Chris Law
CCOL/3/5/2/21Sculpture work by Melanie Peacock
CCOL/3/5/2/22Sculpture work by Jane Clarke
CCOL/3/5/2/23Sculpture work by Catherine Wallace
CCOL/3/5/2/24Sculpture work by John Augsburger
CCOL/3/5/2/25Sculpture work by Martin O Connor
CCOL/3/5/1/1Recent work in Graphic Design and Printing
CCOL/3/5/2/291st year sculpture, staff and students work in St Peter's Street, St Dunstans
CCOL/3/5/2/37Sculpture degree show
CCOL/3/5/2/40Sculpture degree show
CCOL/11/1/3Artist sheets and details for catalogue, for sculpture exhibition
CCOL/3/5/3Mixed Fine Art degree shows and exhibitions
CCOL/3/6National Diploma in Design examinations with marks (unknown students)
CCOL/11/1Catalogues and images of exhibitions associated with Canterbury College
CCOL/8/1Library reports
CCOL/1/1/11Diploma handbook
CCOL/1/1/7Degree and diploma courses leaflet
CCOL/7Visitor books
CCOL/1/3/2Immaterial magazine
CCOL/1/2/3/1Models from the School of Architecture
CCOL/1/3/1/2Canterbury Architectural Students Association magazine
CCOL/1/3/1/3Canterbury Architectural Students Association magazine
CCOL/1/3/1/5Canterbury Architectural Students Association magazine
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